Privacy Policy

homePrivacy Policy is a subsidiary of E&E Co. Ltd., and as such, respects the privacy of our customers and website users. We have developed the following Privacy Policy to be sure that your personal information is handled and maintained in a secure and responsible manner. The privacy policy details the types of information we may collect from you during your visit to our website, how we use the information, and when/if the information will be shared with third parties. To ensure the safety and security of your information, we may change the privacy policy at times, but we will be certain to keep this web page current, so you will be aware of any changes. When you use our website, you give consent for us to collect and use your information according to the specifications in this privacy policy.

There are two types of information collected when you visit our website: public information and personal information.

Public Information - such as IP address, domain type, browser version, service provider – is recorded during each visitor’s use of our site. This information helps us to know our customers better so we can serve you more efficiently. For example, public information will tell us how frequently our visitors browse a particular page, and we, in turn, use these trends to help us decide what items you would like to see included in our next sales promotion.

Private Information – When you sign up for an account with Livnco or when you place an order with us, we ask you for information including, but not limited to your name, address, phone number, and credit card number. This information is used to service your request, deliver your product, answer your inquiries, and process returns and exchanges. The information is also used to develop, market, and sell products to you in the form of surveys, promotions, and enhanced web experience. You have the choice to opt out of any promotional and marketing materials by following the simple instructions at the bottom of each message.

Most people are not concerned as much with how Livnco uses the information, but more so with if/when/why your personal information will be shared with third parties. Livnco will share your personal information only with those parties who need the information in order to help us serve you by performing their various functions. These third parties may include our printer, mailing house, shipping company, survey firm, database administrators, etc. We may also disclose your personal information when we deem it appropriate to comply with the law. Finally, if Livnco were ever merged or purchased by another entity, we would share our customer information with this business entity as well as retaining a copy for our records as well.

If you follow a link from the Livnco website to a different website of one our affiliates or partners, please be aware that each of these sites will contain their own privacy policy which may be different from the Livnco privacy policy.

This privacy policy was last updated on June 5, 2009 and is subject to change.