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Our Price Match Guarantee proves that with 3 easy steps!

  • 1. Find the lowest price on line.
  • 2. Save the website link.
  • 3. Call or Email our Customer Service at or by phone at 1-888-879-8790.

We will match your price on a qualifying product within thirty (30) days after the purchase date if you find a lower price from another major online retailer. We will credit your original payment method for the difference, subject to the limitations below.

If, on our own instaLinenSource site, we lower the price via a discount coupon code or other promotion methods within 30 days of your original purchase date, we will refund you the difference between the promotional price of the item and what you paid for the item --as long as all the conditions listed below apply. All you need to do is contact us for price verification. Please note our Price Match Guarantee only applies to orders shipped within the U.S.

  • Our Price Match Guarantee has some limitations:
  • 1. You must first purchase the item on before requesting your Price Match Guarantee.
  • 2. The price is the price after promotional discounts have been applied to the item. The promotional coupon code(s) must be published on
  • 3. Special promotions such as rebates, store reward coupons (i.e. 15% off one item or entire purchase) and/or gift certificates are not eligible for a price match.
  • 4. Tax and shipping charges are not eligible for Price Match Guarantee.
  • 5. The item must be currently available in the same size, style, and color that it is on, and be in stock and available for purchase on the competitors's U.S Web site.
  • 6. Price Match Guarantee applies to online/Web stores only, it does not apply to stores that only have brick and mortar locations.
  • 7. The Web site must not be an auction site such as Ebay or Craigslist. The Web site must be a U.S. Corporation. Final decision is at the discretion of instaLinenSource.
  • 8. If a claim is filed for price reduction on within 30 days of the purchase date, refund is for 100% of the price difference. The item must be currently available and identical on
  • 9. There is a limit of one guarantee claim per item (multiple claims on the same item will not be eligible).
  • 10. Guarantee only applies to purchases for personal use. Guarantee does not apply to purchases for resale or commercial purposes.
  • 11. We reserve the right to deny claims if our policy is being abused.
  • 12. Price Match Guarantee only applies to orders shipped within the U.S.